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19 January 2023:

The Vanguards page has been fully updated, its first major review in more than ten years.

Firstly it has been redesigned so that the look and feel is consistent with the rest of the site and the Little Wheels on-line shop. The other major change is to have a single thumbnail representing each casting with a drill-down link to another page showing all its variations and some history of the vehicle represented. This structure allows the main page to load more quickly.

Every model has been reviewed and if better photos are available than those originally used they have been updated. Where there is variation that I do not have photos for I have given a model number and description, there are many fewer of these than previously, I have also indicated where there is a gap in the model number sequence because no model was issued with the missing number.

The Vanguards range of 1:43 scale cars and light commercials and 1:64 scale trucks sets the standard for good quality collectable model vehicles. They tend to be the cars we want to see modelled and mostly are very well done indeed. In fact when they fail to model a car we like, or get it wrong when they do, we collectors can get very vocal about a brand we feel ownership of. I have to say that on the whole these are some of my favourite die-casts.



VA100.. VA200.. VA300.. VA400.. VA500..
Vanguards VA1000; Ford Anglia 105E; Super, Navy Blue, Light Blue Stripe Vanguards VA2000; Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet; Open Top, Red Vanguards VA3000; Austin A40 Van; Ransome's Lawn Mowers, Ipswich, Suffolk Vanguards VA4000; Ford Anglia Van; Royal Mail, Overseas Christmas Mail Vanguards VA5000; Triumph Herald; Red
Ford Anglia 105E Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet Austin A40 Van Ford Anglia Van Triumph Herald

VA600.. VA700.. VA800.. VA900.. VA100..
Vanguards VA6000; Ford Thames Trader Box Van; Martini Vanguards VA7000; Bedford S Type Tanker; Regent Petrol Vanguards VA8000; Bedford S Type Box Van; Heinz 57 Varieties Vanguards VA9001; Ford Thames Trader Tanker; Castrol Industrial Oil Vanguards VA10000; Morris Minor Traveller; Black
Ford Thames Trader Box Van Bedford S Type Tanker Bedford S Type Box Van Ford Thames Trader Tanker Morris Minor Traveller

VA110.. VA120.. VA130.. VA140.. VA150..
Vanguards VA11000; Morris Minor Van; AA Patrol Service Vanguards VA12000; Volkswagen Beetle Split Screen; Beige Lledo 10067; Austin Mini 7; Mini No1; 40th Anniversary of the Mini Vanguards VA14000; Austin Mini Van; RAC Caledonian Patrol Vanguards VA15000; Ford Thames Trader Dropside; Milk Marketing Board; Blue
Morris Minor Van 1950 Volkswagen Beetle Austin Mini 7 Austin Mini Van Ford Thames Trader Dropside

VA160.. VA170.. VA180.. VA190.. VA200..
Vanguards VA16000; Commer Dropside; Carlsberg Vanguards VA17000; Austin A35 Van; RAC Road Service Vanguards VA18000; Leyland Comet Box Van; Ever Ready Batteries, Blue Vanguards VA19000; Rover P4; Maroon Vanguards VA20000; Leyland Comet Tanker; Power Petrol
Commer QX Dropside Austin A35 Van Leyland Comet Box Van Rover P4 Leyland Comet Tanker

VA210.. VA220.. VA230.. VA240.. VA250..
Vanguards VA21000; Ford 100e Anglia; Conway Yellow Vanguards VA22000; Reliant Regal Super Van III; Royal Mail Vanguards VA23000; Austin A35 saloon; Green Vanguards VA24000; Karrier Box Van; Rail Express Parcels Morris Mini-Cooper
Ford 100e Anglia Reliant Regal Super Van Austin A35 Saloon Karrier Bantam Box Van Morris Mini

VA260.. VA270.. VA280.. VA290.. VA300..
Vanguards VA26000; Hillman Imp; Red Vanguards VA27000; Rover 2000; Red Vanguards VA28000; Commer Box Van; Shell Electrical Oil Service Vanguards VA29000; Leyland Comet Dropside; British Road Services Widnes, Red/Black Vanguards VA30000; Karrier Bantam Tanker; Butler Fuels, Farm & Domestic
Hillman Imp Rover 2000 Commer Box Van Leyland Comet Dropside Karrier Bantam Tanker

VA310.. VA320.. VA330.. VA340.. VA350..
Vanguards VA31001; Karrier Dropside; Corona Soft Drinks, Crates & Barrels Load Vanguards WV2002; Whitbread 2 Truck Set; Bedford S Dropside, Karrier Bantam Dropside Vanguards VA33000; Ford 300E Thames Van; Singer Sewing Machines Vanguards VA34000; Ford Consul Capri 109E; Turquoise and White Vanguards VA35000; Ford Consul Classic 109E; Lime Green & White
Karrier Bantam Dropside Bedford S Dropside Ford 300E Thames Van Ford Consul Capri 109E Ford Consul Classic 109E

VA360.. VA370.. VA380.. VA390.. VA400..
Vanguards VA36000; Commer Flatbed; Pickfords, Sheeted Load Vanguards JOR1002; W Jordan Trucks 2 Pce Set; Leyland Comet & Commer Dropside Vanguards VA38000; 1957 Vauxhall Victor FA; Gypsy Red Vanguards VA39000; Ford Thames Trader Flatbed; Sheeted Load, Tate & Lyle Vanguards VA40001; Singer Chamois; Metallic Turquoise Blue
Commer QX Flatbed Leyland Comet Flatbed Vauxhall Victor FA Ford Thames Trader Flatbed Singer Chamois Coupe & Hillman Imp Californian

VA041.. VA042.. VA043.. VA044.. VA045..
Vanguards VA04100; Ford Cortina MkII 1600 GT; Ermine White & Black No Model Issued No Model Issued Vanguards VA44000; Austin A60 Cambridge; Cumulus Grey & White Vanguards VA45000; Austin Allegro; Harvest Gold
Ford Cortina MkII     Austin A60 Cambridge Austin Allegro

VA046.. VA047.. VA048.. VA049.. VA050..
Vanguards VA46000; Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII; West Riding Constabulary Vanguards VA47000; Triumph TR3A Sports; Open Top, Pale Yellow Vanguards VA48000; Morris 1300 Countryman; Trafalgar Blue Vanguards VA49000; Jaguar E-type Roadster; Top Down, Cream Vanguards VA50000; MGA Roadster; Open Top, Dove Grey
Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII Triumph TR3A Sports Morris 1300 Traveller Jaguar E-Type Roadster MGA Roadster

VA051.. VA052.. VA053.. VA054.. VA055..
Vanguards VA51000; Austin Healey 3000 MkII Roadster; Colorado Red & White Vanguards VA52000; Ford Granada MkI; Flame Red Vanguards VA53000; Triumph Dolomite Sprint; Yellow & Black Vanguards VA54000; Morris Oxford; Green Vanguards VA55000; Ford Consul 3000 GT; Lancashire Constabulary
Austin Healey 3000 MkII Ford Granada MkI Triumph Dolomite Morris Oxford Ford Consul

VA056.. VA057.. VA058.. VA059.. VA060..
Vanguards VA56000; Austin 1300 Estate; Snowberry White Vanguards VA57000; Austin Healey 3000 Mark I; Historic Rally Vanguards VA58000; Morris Minor 1000; Millionth Morris Minor, Lilac Vanguards VA05901; Jaguar XK120; Black Vanguards VA06000; Ford Zephyr 4 MkII; Lime Green
Austin 1300 Countryman Austin Healey 3000 Mark I Morris Minor 1000 Jaguar XK120 Ford Zephyr 4 MkIII

VA061.. VA062.. VA063.. VA064.. VA065..
Vanguards VA06101; Ford Zodiac MkII; Aqua Blue & Ermine White Vanguards VA06200; Ford Popular Van; Fordson Tractor Mobile Parts Sales Vanguards VA06300; Morris Marina 1800; Teal Blue Vanguards VA06400; Vauxhall PA Cresta; Dusk Rose and Lilac Haze Vanguards VA06500; Rover P6; 3500 V8, Almond, Black Roof
Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MkII Ford Popular Van Morris Marina Vauxhall PA Cresta Rover P6 3500

VA066.. VA067.. VA068.. VA069.. VA070..
Vanguards VA06600; Ford Transit Mk1 Van; Post Office Telephones Vanguards VA06700; Triumph Spitfire MkII; Signal Red Vanguards VA06800; Hillman Minx IIIA; Ember Red and Cream Vanguards VA06900; Rover P5; Stone Grey & Juniper Green Vanguards VA07000; Sunbeam Alpine Sports; Carnival Red
Ford Transit Mk1 Van Triumph Spitfire Hillman Minx IIIA Rover P5 Sunbeam Alpine MkII

VA071.. VA072.. VA073.. VA074.. VA075..
Vanguards VA07100; Morris Minor Convertible; Cream, Maroon Hood Vanguards VA07200; Ford Popular; Dorchester Grey Vanguards VA07300; Ford Cortina MkI; Goodwood Green Vanguards VA07400; Triumph Herald Convertible; Damson Vanguards VA07500; Morris Commercial; Van; British Railways
Morris Minor Convertible Ford Popular Ford Cortina MkI Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible Morris Commercial

VA076.. VA077.. VA078.. VA079.. VA080..
Vanguards VA07600; Land-Rover LWB Series 2; Midland Red Bus Co Vanguards VA07700; Saab 96 Saloon; Savannah Beige Vanguards VA07800; Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster; Open Top, Light Blue Vanguards VA07900; Porsche 356 Cabriolet; Soft Top, Metallic Aquamarine Vanguards VA08000; Volkswagen Transporter Van; Police; Hessen Polizei, Germany
Land Rover LWB Series 2 Saab 96 Saloon Mercedes-Benz 300SL Porsche 356 Volkswagen Transporter

VA081.. VA082.. VA083.. VA084.. VA085..
Vanguards VA08100; Volkswagen Camper; Sealing Wax Red & Chestnut Brown Vanguards VA08200; Triumph 2000 MkII; 2000, Delft Blue Vanguards VA08300; Morris Minor Pick-up; Purple & Red Primer, Hidden Treasures Vanguards VA08400; Jaguar Mk2; Somerset Constabulary Vanguards VA08500; Wolseley Six; Cosmic Blue Metallic
Volkswagen Type 2 Camper Triumph 2000/2500 MkII Morris Minor Pick-up Jaguar Mk2 Wolseley Six

VA086.. VA087.. VA088.. VA089.. VA090..
Vanguards VA08600; Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series 1; Regency Red Vanguards VA08700; Vauxhall Viva HB; SL; Pinewood Green Vanguards VA08800; Daimler Sovereign; Jaguar Dark Blue Vanguards VA08900; Morris 1800 S; Antelope Vanguards VA09000; Rover SD1 Van den Plas EFI; Black
Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series 1 Vauxhall Viva HB Daimler Sovereign
Series 1
Austin/Morris 1800/2200 Rover 3500 SD1

VA091.. VA092.. VA093.. VA094.. VA095..
Vanguards VA09100; Jaguar XJ6; Pacific Vanguards VA09200; 2004 Rover 75; British Racing Green Vanguards VA09300; MG ZT; Trophy Blue Vanguards VA09400; Vauxhall Astra; Star Silver Metallic Vanguards VA09500; Ford Escort Mk1; Dragoon Red
Jaguar XJ (X350) Rover 75 MG ZT Vauxhall Astra H Ford Escort Mk1

VA096.. VA097.. VA098.. VA099.. VA100..
Vanguards VA09600; 2002 Range Rover; Adriatic Blue Vanguards VA09700; Land-Rover 110 Defender; Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade Vanguards VA09800; Vauxhall Cavalier Mk II; Polar White Vanguards VA09900; Ford Sierra Sapphire GLS; Radiant Red Vanguards VA10000; Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth; Nouveau Red
Range Rover P38 Land Rover 110 Defender Vauxhall Cavalier Mk II Ford Sierra Sapphire Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth

VA101.. VA102.. VA103.. VA104.. VA105..
Vanguards VA10100; Triumph Stag; Hard Top; Tahiti Blue Vanguards VA10200; Princess 1800HL; Brooklands Green Vanguards VA10300; Ford Cortina MkIII; Sapphire Blue Vanguards VA10400; Hillman Avenger GLS, Bitter Green Vanguards VA10500; Triumph TR7; Pharaoh Gold
Triumph Stag Leyland Princess Ford Cortina MkIII Hillman Avenger Triumph TR7

VA106.. VA107.. VA108.. VA109.. VA110..
Vanguards VA10600; Morris J2; Royal Mail Postbus; Llanidloes Vanguards VA10700; MGB Roadster; British Racing Green Vanguards VA10800; Ford Capri Mk III; 2.8 Injection, Caspian Blue Metallic Vanguards VA10901; Morris J Van; Truman's Bottled Beers, Clean Version Vanguards VA11000; Ford Escort MkIII; 1984 BSCCC Class 1st; Datapost; Richard Longman; RN77
Morris J2 Van MGB Roadster Mk1 & 2 Ford Capri Mk III Morris J Van Ford Escort MkIII

VA111.. VA112.. VA113.. VA114.. VA115..
Vanguards VA11101; Land-Rover Series 1; HUE 166; 60th Anniversary of Land-Rover Vanguards VA11200; Austin A40 Farina; 1959 Monte Carlo Rally, Ladies Winner, Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom Vanguards VA11300; Talbot Sunbeam ti 1600; 1986 Scottish Rally Championship; Colin McRae Vanguards VA11400; Vauxhall Nova; Carmine Red Vanguards VA11500; Triumph TR4; Targa Top. Signal Red
Land Rover Series 1 Austin A40 Farina Talbot Sunbeam Vauxhall Nova Triumph TR4/5

VA116.. VA117.. VA118.. VA119.. VA120..
Vanguards VA11601; Peugeot 309; Mk2 1.9 GTI; Cherry Red Vanguards VA11700; Ford Sierra RS Cosworth; 1989 WRC; Colin McRae; RN27 Vanguards VA11801; Subaru Legacy; RS Turbo, Series 1, Black Vanguards VA11900; Ford Cortina MkIV; 2.0 Ghia, Roman Bronze Vanguards VA12000; 1974 Volkswagen Golf Mk1; GTi, Black
Peugeot 309 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Subaru Legacy Ford Cortina MkIV Volkswagen Golf Mk1

VA121.. VA122.. VA123.. VA124.. VA125..
Vanguards VA12101; Subaru Impreza; Turbo; Humberside Police Vanguards VA12200; Ford Sierra XR4i; Cardinal Red Vanguards VA12300; Subaru Impreza; 1998 Monte Carlo Rally 3rd; McRae & Grist; RN3 Vanguards VA12400; Ford Granada MkII; 2.8i S, Oyster Gold Vanguards VA12502; Ford Fiesta Mk1; 1300, 1980 British Saloon Car Champoinship, 1.3 Litre Class Winner, Alan Curnow
Subaru Impreza Ford Sierra XR4i Subaru WRX Ford Granada MkII Ford Fiesta Mk1

VA126.. VA127.. VA128.. VA129.. VA130..
Vanguards VA12600; Ford Escort MkII; 1.1 Popular, Olympic Blue Vanguards VA12700; 1985 Peugeot 205 1.9 Gti; Cherry Red Vanguards VA12800; McRae DJM R4; 2006 Colin McRae Vanguards VA12900; Audi Quattro Valve Mk2, Nordic Blue Metallic, 1990 Vanguards VA13000; MGB MkIII Roadster; Soft Top, White Gold
Ford Escort MkII Peugeot 205 McRae DJM R4 Audi Quattro MGB MkIII Roadster

VA131.. VA132.. VA133.. VA134.. VA135..
Vanguards VA13100; Vauxhall Cavalier MkIII; SRi; Carmine Red Vanguards VA13200; 1984 Vauxhall Astra E; GTE 16v, Steel Grey Vanguards VA13300; Ford Capri Mk1; 1600GT XLR Capri Special, Vista Orange Vanguards VA13400; BMW 3 Series Coupe (E30); Sport M-Tech 1; Lachs Silver Vanguards VA13500; Mini Clubman; 1275GT; Bronze Yellow, Trevor
Vauxhall Cavalier MkIII Vauxhall Astra E Ford Capri Mk1 BMW 3 Series (E30) Mini Clubman

VA136.. VA137.. VA138.. VA139.. VA140..
Vanguards VA13600; 1988 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTi 16v; Tornado Red Vanguards VA13700; BMW 3 Series Convertible; E30 Alpina C2.5, Open Top, Red Vanguards VA13800; BMW 3 Series Saloon (E30); 325i; Luxor Beige Vanguards VA13900; Daimler Double Six LWB Vandenplas; Caramel Vanguards VA14000; 1987 Vauxhall Carlton 2.0 CDX, Smoke Grey
Volkswagen Golf Mk2 BMW 3 Series Convertible (E30) BMW 3 Series Saloon (E30) Jaguar/Daimler XJ Series 2 LWB Vauxhall Carlton MkII

VA141.. VA142.. VA143.. VA144.. VA145..
No Model Issued Vanguards VA14200; Lotus Esprit Series 1; Last S1 Produced; Glacier White Vanguards VA14300; Ford Escort MkIV; XR3i; Diamond White No Model Issued Vanguards VA14500; Volkswagen Type 2 Camper; Devon Caravette; Pearl White & Velvet Green
  Lotus Esprit Ford Escort MkIV   Volkswagen Type 2 Camper

VA146.. VA147.. VA148.. VA149.. VA150..
Vanguards VA14600; Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window Camper; Marino Yellow and Pastel White Vanguards VA14700; Triumph TR6 Open Top, Damson Still Looking No Model Issued Still Looking
Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window Triumph TR6 Ford Escort RS Cosworth   Ford Cortina MkV

VA151.. VA152.. VA153..    
Still Looking Still Looking Still Looking    
Ford Transit Custom Ford Ranger Pickup Ford Focus MkIII    

VA999.. VG003...      
Vanguards VA99900; Ford Focus WRC; 2001 Monte Carlo Rally; Colin McRae; RN4 Vanguards VG003012S; Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Racing; Silver Metallic & White     Vanguards BA1002; Broadspeed Racing Anglias Set; Maroon RN6 & White RN7
Colin McRae Vanguards Gold     Sets

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