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Matchbox 1-75 Range

page last updated: 12 October 2022

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This range was launched in 1953 by the Lesney company and continued until the company went bankrupt in 1982 with production continuing into 1983 under the Lesney brand. Over this time the model numbers were re-used as old models were deleted and new ones added, there were some continuing themes like road rollers, bulldozers and fire engines which inherited the same number for a time but there does not appear to be a long term pattern. Below you will see the models which occupied these places in the 1-75 number range over the Lesney years. Each line is in chronological order reading left to right. The letter suffixes (7A, 23B e.t.c. which refer to the sequence of release of the models, are not part of the Matchbox numbering system but seem to be accepted by and are common to most sources & collectors, in later editions of Ramsay's price guide the letter suffixes start again at 'A' in the Superfast section.

The big milestone came in 1969 when Mattel launched Hot Wheels. In response Matchbox came up with Superfast which was their own version of the low friction wheels that made Hot Wheels such a success. Prior to this the models had a range of styles of regular wheels on thick mild steel axles. Regular wheels had been initially grey metal, later grey or silver plastic and latterly black plastic. Some models had plastic  tyres with plastic or metal spoked wheel discs, but these are not too successful, the tyres are always loose.

The models below with regular wheels (i.e. not Superfast) have a peach coloured background. The transitional models, those which began life with regular wheels and were later adapted to Superfast, or spanned the change, have an orange background. The Superfast era models are shown with a blue background. Click on a thumbnail to go to a page about the model showing more pictures. Where I have a number of variations on the model they are shown on the model's own page. This is the fun of collecting Matchboxes, the production seems to have been so chaotic in terms of paint colours, wheel styles, decals etc that the variations are almost infinite. Some of the rare ones are valuable too!

Page updated: 18 April 2021

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Aveling-Barford Road Roller - 1a

Still Looking

Still Looking

Matchbox/Lesney 1d; Aveling-Barford Road Roller

Matchbox/Lesney 1e; Mercedes-Benz Covered Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 1f; Mod Rod

Matchbox/Lesney 1g; Dodge Challenger



1a Road Roller

1b Road Roller

1c Road Roller

1d Road Roller

1e Mercedes Truck *

1f Mod Rod

1g Dodge Challenger



Matchbox/Lesney 2a; Muir-Hill Site Dumper (42mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 2b; Muir-Hill Site Dumper (46mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 2c; Muir Hill Dumper Truck with cab Matchbox/Lesney 2d; Mercedes-Benz Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 2e; Jeep Hot Rod

Matchbox/Lesney 2f; Rescue Hovercraft; Light Metallic Green

Matchbox/Lesney 2g; S2 Buccaneer Jet



2a Muir Hill Dumper

2b Muir Hill Dumper

2c Muir Hill Dumper 2d Mercedes Trailer

2e Jeep Hot Rod

2f Rescue Hovercraft

2g S2 Buccaneer Jet  


Matchbox/Lesney 3a; Cement Mixer

Matchbox/Lesney 3b; Bedford TK 7.5 ton Tipper

Matchbox/Lesney 3c; Mercedes-Benz Binz Ambulance

Monteverdi Hai - 2

Matchbox/Lesney 3e; Porsche 911 Turbo





3a Cement Mixer

3b Bedford 7Ĺ Ton Tipper 3c Mercedes Ambulance 3d Monteverdi Hai 3e Porsche Turbo      


Matchbox/Lesney 4a; Massey Harris Tractor

Massey Harris Tractor - 4b

Matchbox/Lesney 4c; Triumph Motorcycle and Sidecar

Matchbox/Lesney 4d; Dodge Cattle Truck (stake sides 6x4)

Matchbox/Lesney 4e; Gruesome Twosome

Matchbox/Lesney 4f; Pontiac Firebird

Matchbox/Lesney 4g; Chevrolet 1957 ('57 Chevy)


  4a Massey Harris Tractor 4b Massey Harris Tractor 4c Triumph T110 Motorcycle 4d Dodge Stake Truck 4e Gruesome Twosome 4f Pontiac Firebird 4g 1957 Chevy  


Matchbox/Lesney 5a; Leyland London Bus (52mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 5b; Leyland London Bus (57mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 5c; AEC Routemaster Bus

Matchbox/Lesney 5d; AEC Routemaster Bus (70mm, with seats)

Matchbox/Lesney 5e; Lotus Europa

Matchbox/Lesney 5f; Seafire Racing Power Boat

Matchbox/Lesney 5g; Jeep US Mail Truck


  5a London Bus 5b London Bus 5c  Routemaster Bus

5d  Routemaster Bus

5e Lotus Europa

5f Seafire

5g Us Mail Truck & 5h 4x4 Jeep Off Road



Matchbox/Lesney 6a; Quarry Truck (55mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 6a; Quarry Truck (55mm)

Matchbox/Lesney 6c; Euclid 46-TD 3 Axle Quarry Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 6d; Ford Pickup Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 6e; Mercedes-Benz 350SL

Matchbox/Lesney 6f; Mercedes-Benz 350SL Convertible



  6a Quarry Truck

6b Euclid 4 wheel Quarry Truck

6c Euclid 6 wheel Dump Truck

6d Ford Pick-Up

6e Mercedes 350SL

6f Mercedes 350SL    


Matchbox/Lesney 7a; Horse-drawn Milk Float

Matchbox/Lesney 7b; Ford Anglia; Duck-egg blue, black or silver wheels

Matchbox/Lesney 7c; Ford Refuse Truck

Hairy Hustler - 7

Volkswagen Golf - 7




  7a Horse Drawn Milk Float

7b Ford Anglia

7c Ford Refuse Truck

7d Hairy Hustler

7e Volkswagen Golf




Matchbox/Lesney 8a; Caterpillar Tractor

Still Looking

Caterpillar Tractor - 8

Ford Mustang - 8

Ford Mustang Wildcat Dragster - 8

Matchbox/Lesney 8g; De Tomaso Pantera

Matchbox/Lesney 8h; Rover 3500


  18a/B Caterpillar Bulldozer (46mm) 8c Caterpillar Tractor 8d Caterpillar Tractor

8e Ford Mustang

8f Wildcat Dragster

8g De Tomaso Pantera 8h/i Rover 3500  


Matchbox/Lesney 9a; Dennis Fire Engine

Matchbox/Lesney 9b; Dennis Fire Engine

Matchbox/Lesney 9c; Merryweather Marquis Fire Engine

Matchbox/Lesney 9d; Cabin Cruiser & Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 9e; AMX Javelin

Matchbox/Lesney 9f; Ford Escort RS 2000  


  9a Dennis Fire Escape 9b Dennis Fire Escape 9c Merryweather Marquis 9d Boat and Trailer

9e Amx Javelin

9f Escort Rs2000    


Matchbox/Lesney 10a; Scammell Mechanical Horse

Matchbox/Lesney 10b; Scammell Mechanical Horse Matchbox/Lesney 10c; Foden Sugar Container

Matchbox/Lesney 10d; Leyland Pipe Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 10e; Ford Mustang Piston Popper

Matchbox/Lesney 10f; Plymouth Gran Fury Police Car



  10a Mechanical Horse and Trailer

10b Mechanical Horse and Trailer

10c Foden Sugar Tanker 10d Leyland Pipe Truck

10e Piston Popper

10f Plymouth Grand Fury Police    


Matchbox/Lesney 11a; ERF Road Tanker

Matchbox/Lesney 11b; ERF Petrol Tanker

Matchbox/Lesney 11c; Jumbo Crane

Matchbox/Lesney 11d; Mercedes-Benz Scaffold Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 11e; Volkswagen Flying Bug

Matchbox/Lesney 11f; Bedford Car Transporter



  11a ERF Road Tanker 11b Esso Petrol Tanker

11c Taylor Jumbo Crane

11d Scaffolding Truck

11e Flying Bug

11f Car Transporter



Matchbox/Lesney 12a; Land Rover Series 1

Matchbox/Lesney 12b; Land Rover Series II

Matchbox/Lesney 12c; Land Rover Safari

Matchbox/Lesney 12d; Setra Coach

Matchbox/Lesney 12e; Big Bull

Matchbox/Lesney 12f; CitroŽn CX Break



  12a Land Rover Series I

12b Land Rover Series II

12c Land Rover Safari

12d Setra Coach

12e Big Bull

12f Citroen CX Break



Matchbox/Lesney 13a; Bedford Wreck Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 13b; Bedford Wreck Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 13c; Ford Thames Trader Wreck Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 13d; Dodge Fargo Wreck Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 13e; Baja Buggy

Matchbox/Lesney 13f; GMC Snorkel Fire Truck  



13a Wreck Truck

13b Bedford Wreck Truck

13c Ford Wreck Truck

13d Dodge Wreck Truck

13e Baja Buggy

13f GMC Snorkel Fire Engine




Matchbox/Lesney 14a; Daimler Ambulance

Matchbox/Lesney 14b; Daimler Ambulance

Matchbox/Lesney 14c; Bedford Lomas Ambulance; Off-White BPW

Matchbox/Lesney 14d; Iso Grifo Coupe

Matchbox/Lesney 14e; Mini Ha Ha

Matchbox/Lesney 14f; Leyland Petrol Tanker



  14a Daimler Ambulance 14b Daimler Ambulance 14c Lomas Ambulance

14d ISO Grifo

14e Mini Ha Ha

14f Leyland Artic Tanker




Matchbox/Lesney 15a; Diamond T Prime Mover

Matchbox/Lesney 15b; Rotinoff Super Atlantic Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 15c; Dennis Tippax Refuse Lorry

Matchbox/Lesney 15d; Volkswagen 1500 Beetle

Matchbox/Lesney 15e; Fork Lift Truck




  15a Diamond T Prime Mover

15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Tractor

15c Tippax Refuse Lorry

15d Volkswagen 1500 Saloon

15e Lansing Bagnall Fork Lift



Matchbox/Lesney 16a; Transporter Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 16b; Super Atlantic Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 16c; Scammell Snow-Plough

Matchbox/Lesney 16d; Case Bulldozer

Matchbox/Lesney 16e; Badger Radar Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 16f; Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird Matchbox/Lesney 16f; Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird


  16a Transporter Trailer 6 Wheeler

16b Atlantic 8 Wheel Trailer

16c Scammell Snow Plough

16d Case Tractor

16e Badger Radar Truck

16f Pontiac Firebird

16g Pontiac T Roof



Matchbox/Lesney 17a; Bedford Removal Van

Matchbox/Lesney 17b; Bedford Removal Van Matchbox/Lesney 17c; Austin FX3 Taxi Matchbox/Lesney 17d; Foden Hoveringham Tipper

Matchbox/Lesney 17e; AEC Horse Box

Matchbox/Lesney 17f; The Londoner Daimler Bus

Matchbox/Lesney 17g; Leyland Titan Bus


  17a Removal Van

17b Removal Van

17c Austin FX3 Taxi

17dHoveringham Tipper

17e AEC Horse Box

17f Londoner Bus

17g Leyland Titan Bus



Matchbox/Lesney 18a; Caterpillar Bulldozer

Matchbox/Lesney 18b; Caterpillar Bulldozer

Matchbox/Lesney 18c; Caterpillar Bulldozer Matchbox/Lesney 18d; Caterpillar Bulldozer

Matchbox/Lesney 18e; Field Car

Matchbox/Lesney 18f; Hondarora



  18a Caterpillar Bulldozer (46mm) 18b Caterpillar Bulldozer (50mm)

18c Caterpillar Bulldozer (58mm)

18d Caterpillar Bulldozer (62mm)

18e Field Car *

18f Hondarora



Matchbox/Lesney 19a; MG TD Sports Car

Matchbox/Lesney 19b; MGA Sports Car Matchbox/Lesney 19c; Aston Martin DBR5 Racing Car Matchbox/Lesney 19d; Lotus Mk33 Racer

Matchbox/Lesney 19e; Road Dragster

Matchbox/Lesney 19f; Cement Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 19g; Peterbilt Cement Truck


  19a MG Sports Car

19b MGA

19c Aston Martin DBR5

19d Lotus Racing Car

19e Road Dragster

19f Cement Truck

19g Peterbilt Cement Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 20a; ERF Stake Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 20b; ERF 68G Transport Truck Matchbox/Lesney 20c; Chevrolet Impala Taxi

Matchbox/Lesney 20d; Lamborghini Marzal

Matchbox/Lesney 20e; Range Rover Police Patrol

Still Looking  


  20a ERF Stake Truck

20b ERF Ever Ready

20c Chevy Impala Taxi

20d Lamborghini Marzal

20e Range Rover Police Patrol

20f 4x4 Jeep Desert Dawg with Canopy



Matchbox/Lesney 21a; Bedford Duple Luxury Coach

Matchbox/Lesney 21b; Bedford Duple Luxury Coach

Matchbox/Lesney 21c; Commer Milk Float

Matchbox/Lesney 21d; Foden 8 Wheel Cement Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 21e; Rod Roller

Matchbox/Lesney 21f; Renault 5TL



  21a Long Distance Coach (57mm) 21b Bedford Coach (68mm)

21c Commer Bottle Float

21d Foden Concrete Truck

21e Rod Roller

21f Renault 5TL



Matchbox/Lesney 22a; Vauxhall Cresta

Matchbox/Lesney 22b; Vauxhall Cresta

Matchbox/Lesney 22c; Pontiac GP Sports Coupe

Matchbox/Lesney 22d; Freeman Intercity Commuter

Matchbox/Lesney 22e; Blaze Buster

Matchbox/Lesney 22f; Ford Mini Pickup



  22a Vauxhall Cresta E 22b Vauxhall Cresta PA 22c Pontiac GP Sports Coupť 22d Freeman Intercity Commuter 22e Blaze Buster 22f Ford MINI PICK-UP    


Matchbox/Lesney 23a; Berkeley Cavalier Caravan

Matchbox/Lesney 23b; Berkeley Cavalier Caravan

Matchbox/Lesney 23c; Bluebird Dauphine Caravan

Matchbox/Lesney 23d; Trailer Caravan

Matchbox/Lesney 23e; Volkswagen Camper

Matchbox/Lesney 23f; Atlas Tipper Truck



  23a Berkeley Cavalier Caravan 23B Berkeley Cavalier Caravan

23C Bluebird Dauphine Caravan

23D Trailer Caravan 23E VW Camper 23F Atlas Dump Truck    


Matchbox/Lesney 24a; Weatherhill Hydraulic Excavator

Matchbox/Lesney 24b; Weatherhill Hydraulic Excavator

Matchbox/Lesney 24c; Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Matchbox/Lesney 24d; Formula 1 Team Matchbox Racing Car

Matchbox/Lesney 24e; Diesel Shunter



  24A Weatherhill Hydraulic Excavator (58mm) 24B Weatherhill Hydraulic Excavator 24C Rolls Royce Silver Shadow *

24D Team Matchbox

24E Diesel Shunter




Matchbox/Lesney 25a; Bedford CA Dunlop Van

Matchbox/Lesney 25b; Volkswagen Beetle

Matchbox/Lesney 25c; Bedford TK Petrol Tanker

Matchbox/Lesney 25d; Ford Cortina GT

Matchbox/Lesney 25e; Mod Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 25f; Flat Rail Car & Container

Matchbox/Lesney 25g; Audi Quattro


  25A Bedford Van Dunlop 25B Volkswagen 1200

25C Bedford Petrol Tanker

25D Ford Cortina GT

25E Mod Tractor

25F Flat Rail car & container

25G Audi Quattro



Matchbox/Lesney 26a; ERF Cement Mixer

Matchbox/Lesney 26b; Foden 6 Wheel Cement Mixer Matchbox/Lesney 26c; GMC Tipper

Matchbox/Lesney 26d; Big Banger

Matchbox/Lesney 26e; Site Dumper

Matchbox/Lesney 26f; Volvo Cable Truck



  26A ERF Cement Mixer

26B Foden Cement Mixer

26C GMC Tipper Truck *

26D Big Banger

26E Site Dumper

26F Cable Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 27a; Bedford Low Loader

Matchbox/Lesney 27b; Bedford Low Loader

Matchbox/Lesney 27c; Cadillac Sixty Special

Matchbox/Lesney 27d; Mercedes-Benz 230SL

Matchbox/Lesney 27e; Lamborghini Countach

Matchbox/Lesney 27f; Swing Wing F14 Tomcat Jet fighter  


  27A Bedford Low Loader (78mm)

27B Bedford Low Loader (95mm)

27C Cadillac Sixty Special

27D Mercedes 230 SL

27E Lamborghini Countach

27F Swing Wing F14 TomCat



Matchbox/Lesney 28a; Bedford Compressor Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 28b; Ford Thames Trader Compressor Matchbox/Lesney 28c; Jaguar Mk10

Matchbox/Lesney 28d; Mack Dump Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 28e; Stoat Matchbox/Lesney 28f; Lincoln Continental

Matchbox/Lesney 28g; Formula 5000 Racer


  28A Bedford Compressor

28B Ford Thames Compressor

28C Jaguar Mk10

28D Mack Dump Truck

28E Stoat

28F Lincoln Continental

28G Formula Racing Car



Matchbox/Lesney 29a; Bedford Milk Float

Austin Cambridge - 29b

Matchbox/Lesney 29c; Fire Pumper Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 29d; Racing Mini

Matchbox/Lesney 29e; Muir Hill Tractor Shovel




  29A Bedford Milk Van

29B Austin A55 Cambridge

29C Fire Pumper

29E Racing Mini

29F Tractor Shovel



Matchbox/Lesney 30a; Ford Prefect

Matchbox/Lesney 30b; Magirus-Deutz Six Wheel Crane

Matchbox/Lesney 30c; Faun 8 Wheeled Crane

Matchbox/Lesney 30d; Beach Buggy

Matchbox/Lesney 30e; Swamp Rat

Matchbox/Lesney 30f; Leyland Articulated Truck



  30A Ford Prefect 30B Magirus Deutz 6 Wheel Crane

30C 8 Wheel Crane

30D Beach Buggy

30E Swamp Rat

30F Leyland Artic Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 31a; American Ford Station Wagon

Matchbox/Lesney 31b; Ford Fairlane Station Wagon

Matchbox/Lesney 31c; Lincoln Continental

Matchbox/Lesney 31d; Volksdragon

Matchbox/Lesney 31e; Caravan



  31A American Ford Station Wagon

31B Ford Fairlane Station Wagon

31C Lincoln Continental

31D Volks Dragon

31E Caravan




Matchbox/Lesney 32a; Jaguar XK140 Coupe

Matchbox/Lesney 32b; Jaguar E-Type

Matchbox/Lesney 32c; Leyland Petrol Tanker

Matchbox/Lesney 32d; Maserati Bora; Met Pink, Green Base, Superfast

Matchbox/Lesney 32e; Field Gun

Matchbox/Lesney 32f; Atlas Excavator  


  32A Jaguar XK140

32B E Type Jaguar

32C Leyland Petrol Tanker

32D Maserati Bora

32E Field Gun

32F Atlas Excavator



Matchbox/Lesney 33a; Ford Zodiac

Matchbox/Lesney 33b; Ford Zephyr 6 Mk III

Matchbox/Lesney 33c; Lamborghini Miura

Matchbox/Lesney 33d; Datsun 126X

Matchbox/Lesney 33e; Honda Police Motorcycle



  33A Ford Zodiac

33B Ford Zephyr 6

33C Lamborghini Miura

33D Datsun 126X

33E Police Motorcycle      


Matchbox/Lesney 34a; Volkswagen Van

Matchbox/Lesney 34b; Volkswagen Caravanette

Matchbox/Lesney 34c; Volkswagen Camper

Matchbox/Lesney 34d; Formula 1 Racing Car

Matchbox/Lesney 34e; Vantastic Mustang

Matchbox/Lesney 34f; Chevy Pro-Stocker



  34A VW Van 34B VW Caravanette

34C VW Camper

34D Formula 1 Racing Car *

34E Vantastic

34F Chevy Pro Stocker    


Matchbox/Lesney 35a; ERF Marshall Horsebox

Matchbox/Lesney 35b; Snow-Trac Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 35c; Merryweather Fire Engine

Matchbox/Lesney 35d; Fandango

Matchbox/Lesney 35e; Volvo Zoo Truck



  35A Marshall Horse Box

35B Snow-Trac

35C Merryweather Fire Engine

35D Fandango

35E Zoo Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 36a; Austin A50

Matchbox/Lesney 36b; Lambretta Scooter and Sidecar

Matchbox/Lesney 36c; Opel Diplomat

Matchbox/Lesney 36d; Draguar

Matchbox/Lesney 36e; Formula 5000

Matchbox/Lesney 36f; Ford Refuse Truck



  36a Austin A50 36b Scooter & Sidecar

36c Opel Diplomat

36d Hot Rod Draguar *

36e Formula 5000

36f Refuse Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 37a; Karrier Bantam Coca-Cola Lorry

Matchbox/Lesney 37b; Karrier Bantam Coca-Cola Lorry

Matchbox/Lesney 37c; Dodge Cattle Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 37d; Soopa Coopa

Matchbox/Lesney 37e; Atlas Skip Truck Matchbox/Lesney 37f; Matra Rancho  


  37a Karrier Coca Cola Lorry

37b Karrier Coca Cola Lorry

37c Dodge Cattle Truck  *

37d Soopa Coopa

37e Skip Truck

37f Matra Rancho



Matchbox/Lesney 38a; Karrier Bantam Refuse Lorry

Vauxhall Victor Estate - 38b

Matchbox/Lesney 38c; Honda Motorcycle & Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 38d; Stingeroo

Matchbox/Lesney 38e; Jeep

Matchbox/Lesney 38f; Ford Camper

Matchbox/Lesney MB-38; Ford Model A Van


  38A Karrier Refuse Lorry 38B Vauxhall Victor Estate Car 38C Honda Motorcycle & Trailer * 38D Stingeroo

38E Jeep

38F Ford Camper

38G Model A Ford Van  


Matchbox/Lesney 39a; Ford Zodiac Convertible

Matchbox/Lesney 39b; Pontiac Convertible

Matchbox/Lesney 39c; Ford 5000 Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 39d; Clipper

Matchbox/Lesney 39e; Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II



  39A Ford Zodiac Convertible

39B Pontiac Convertible

39C Ford Tractor

39D Clipper




Matchbox/Lesney 40a; Bedford S Type Tipper

Matchbox/Lesney 40b; Leyland Royal Tiger Coach

Matchbox/Lesney 40c; Hay Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 40d; Vauxhall Guildsman

Matchbox/Lesney 40e; Bedford Horse-Box



  40A Bedford Tipper S Type 40B Leyland Royal Tiger Coach

40C Hay Trailer

40D Vauxhall Guildsman

40E Bedford Horse Box



Matchbox/Lesney 41a; Jaguar D-Type

Matchbox/Lesney 41b; Jaguar D-Type

Matchbox/Lesney 41c; Ford GT 40

Matchbox/Lesney 41d; Siva Spyder

Matchbox/Lesney 41e; Ford F150 Ambulance

Matchbox Convoy CY9; Kenworth Aerodyne Conventional



  41A Jaguar D Type (55mm) 41B Jaguar D Type (62mm)

41C Ford GT

41D Siva Spider

41E US Ambulance

41F Kenworth Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 42a; Bedford Evening News Van

Matchbox/Lesney 42b; Studebaker Lark Wagonaire

Matchbox/Lesney 42c; Iron Fairy Crane

Matchbox/Lesney 42d; Tyre Fryer

Matchbox/Lesney 42e; Mercedes-Benz Container Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 42f; Ford Thunderbird 1957



  42A Evening News Van 42B Studebaker Lark Wagonaire 42C Iron Fairy Crane * 42D Tyre Fryer 42E Mercedes Container Truck 42F 1957 Ford THUNDERBIRD    


Matchbox/Lesney 43a; Hillman Minx

Matchbox/Lesney 43b; Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel

Matchbox/Lesney 43c; Pony Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 43d; Dragon Wheels

Matchbox/Lesney 43e; 0-4-0 Locomotive



  43A Hillman Minx

43B Avelling Barford Shovel

43C Pony Trailer

43D Dragon Wheels

43E Steam Locomotive



Matchbox/Lesney 44a; Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Matchbox/Lesney 44b; Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Matchbox/Lesney 44c; GMC Refrigerator Lorry

Matchbox/Lesney 44d; Ford Boss Mustang

Matchbox/Lesney 44e; Railway Passenger Coach



  44A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 44B Rolls Royce Phantom V

44C GMC Refrigeration Truck

44D Boss Mustang

44E Railway Passenger Coach      


Matchbox/Lesney 45a; Vauxhall Victor

Matchbox/Lesney 45b; Ford Corsair & Boat

Matchbox/Lesney 45c; Ford F3L Group 6 Racing Car

Matchbox/Lesney 45d; BMW 3.0CSL

Matchbox 45e; Kenworth Cabover Aerodyne




  45A Vauxhall Victor

45B Ford Corsair & Boat

45C Ford Group 6 Racer

45D BMW 300CSI

45E KENWORTH Cabover Aerodyne      


Matchbox/Lesney 46a; Morris Minor

Matchbox/Lesney 46b; Guy Pickfords Removals Van

Matchbox/Lesney 46c; Mercedes-Benz 300SE

Matchbox/Lesney 46d; Stretcha Fetcha

Matchbox/Lesney 46e; Ford Tractor & Harrow



  46A Morris Minor

46B Pickford Removal Van

46C Mercedes 300SE

46D Stretcha Fetcha

46E Ford Tractor and Harrow      


Matchbox/Lesney 47a; Trojan 1 Ton Van

Matchbox/Lesney 47b; Commer Ice Cream Canteen

Matchbox/Lesney 47c; DAF Tipper Container Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 47d; Beach Hopper

Matchbox/Lesney 47e; Pannier Locomotive

Matchbox/Lesney 47f; Jaguar SS 100



  47A Trojan Van, Brooke Bond Tea 47B Commer Ice Cream Canteen

47C DAF Tipper Container Truck

47D Beach Hopper

47E Pannier Locomotive

47F SS100 Jaguar



Matchbox/Lesney 48a; Meteor Sportsman MkII Boat and Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 48b; Sports Boat and Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 48c; Dodge Fargo Dump Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 48f; Pi-Eyed Piper

Matchbox/Lesney 48e; Sambron Jacklift

Matchbox/Lesney 48f; Pi-Eyed Piper; Red Rider Matchbox/Lesney 48g; Mercedes-Benz Unimog Snowplough


  48A Meteor Motor Boat and Trailer 48B Sports Boat and Trailer 48C Dumper Truck *

48D Pie-eyed Piper

48E Sambron Jacklift


48G Mercedes UNIMOG Snowplough



Matchbox/Lesney 49a; M3 Halftrack Personnel Carrier

Matchbox/Lesney 49b; Mercedes-Benz Unimog Matchbox/Lesney 49c; Chop Suey

Matchbox/Lesney 49d; Crane Truck



  49a Army Half Track M3

49b Unimog

49c Chop Suey

49d Crane Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 50a; Commer Pickup Mk VIII

Matchbox/Lesney 50b; John Deere Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 50c; Ford Kennel Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 50d; Articulated Truck

Still Looking Matchbox/Lesney 50e; Harley-Davidson Motorcycle  



50A Commer Pick-up


50B John Deere Tractor

50C Kennel Truck

50D Articulated Truck

50DX Articulated Truck Trailer

50E Harley Davidson



Matchbox/Lesney 51a; Albion Chieftain Cement Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 51b; Tipping Trailer

Matchbox/Lesney 51c; AEC Eight-wheel Tipper

Matchbox/Lesney 51d; CitroŽn SM

Matchbox/Lesney 51e; Combine Harvester

Matchbox/Lesney 51f; Pontiac Firebird SE  


  51A Albion Chieftain Cement Lorry 51B Farm Tipping Trailer 51C AEC 8 Wheel Tipper *

51D Citroen SM

51E Combine Harvester

51F Pontiac Firebird SE



Matchbox/Lesney 52a; Maserati 4CLT

Matchbox/Lesney 52b; BRM F1 Racer

Matchbox/Lesney 52c; Dodge Charger MkIII

Matchbox/Lesney 52d; Police Launch

Matchbox/Lesney 52e; BMW M1




  52A Maserati 4 CLT

52B BRM Racer

52C Dodge Charger MkIII

52D Police Launch

52E BMW M1



Matchbox/Lesney 53a; Aston Martin DB2-4

Matchbox/Lesney 53b; Mercedes-Benz 220SE

Matchbox/Lesney 53c; Ford Zodiac MkIV

Matchbox/Lesney 53d; Tanzara

Matchbox/Lesney 53e; Jeep CJ6

Matchbox/Lesney 53f; Ford Flareside Pickup



  53A Aston Martin DB2-4

53B Mercedes Benz 220 SE

53C Ford Zodiac MkIV

53D Tanzara

53E Jeep CJ6

53F Ford Flareside Pickup



Matchbox/Lesney 54a; Saracen Personnel Carrier

Matchbox/Lesney 54b; Cadillac Ambulance

Matchbox/Lesney 54c; Ford Capri

Matchbox/Lesney 54d; Personnel Carrier Matchbox/Lesney 54e; Mobile Home Matchbox/Lesney 54f; NASA Tracking Vehicle  


  54A Saracen Personnel Carrier

54B S&S Cadillac Ambulance

54C Ford Capri

54D Personnel Carrier

54E Mobile Home

54F NASA Tracking Vehicle



Matchbox/Lesney 55a; D.U.K.W.

Matchbox/Lesney 55b; Ford Fairlane Police Car

Still Looking

Matchbox/Lesney 55d; Mercury Police Car

Matchbox/Lesney 55e; Mercury Police Commuter

Matchbox/Lesney 55f; Hellraiser

Matchbox/Lesney 55g; Ford Cortina Mk IV




55B Ford Fairlane Police Car

55C Ford Galaxie Police Car

55D Mercury Police Car *

55E Mercury Commuter Police

55F Hellraiser

55G Ford Cortina MkIV



Matchbox/Lesney 56a; London Trolleybus

Matchbox/Lesney 56b; Fiat 1500

Matchbox/Lesney 56c; BMC 1800 Pininfarina

Matchbox/Lesney 56d; Hi Tailer

Matchbox/Lesney 56e; Mercedes-Benz 450SEL

Matchbox/Lesney 56f; Peterbilt Tanker



  56A London Trolleybus

56B FIAT 1500

56C BMC 1800 Pinifarina

56D Hi-Tailer

56E Mercedes 450SEL

56F Peterbilt Tanker



Matchbox/Lesney 57a; Wolseley 1500

Matchbox/Lesney 57b; Chevrolet Impala

Matchbox/Lesney 57c; Land Rover Fire Truck Matchbox/Lesney 57d; Eccles Trailer Caravan Matchbox/Lesney 57e; Ford Wildlife Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 57f; Range Rover Carmichael Commando



  57A Wolseley 1500

57B Chevrolet Impala

57C Land Rover Fire Engine

57D Eccles Trailer Caravan

57E Wild Life Truck

57F Carmichael Rescue Vehicle    


AEC Coach BEA - 58a

Matchbox/Lesney 58b; Drott Excavator Matchbox/Lesney 58c; DAF Girder Truck Matchbox/Lesney 58d; Woosh N Push Matchbox/Lesney 58e; Faun Dump Truck    


  58A BEA Coach

58B Drott Excavator

58C DAF Girder Truck

58D Woosh 'n' Push

58E Faun Dump Truck



Matchbox/Lesney 59a

Matchbox/Lesney 59b; Ford Fairlane Fire Chief

Matchbox/Lesney 59c; Ford Galaxie Fire Chief Matchbox/Lesney 59d; Mercury Fire Chief Matchbox/Lesney 59e; Planet Scout Matchbox/Lesney 59f; Porsche 928  


  59A Ford Thames Van (Singer)

59B Ford Fairlane Fire Chief's Car

59C Ford Galaxie Fire Chief

59D Mercury Fire Chief

59E Planet Scout

59F Porsche 928



Matchbox/Lesney 60a; Morris J2 Pickup

Matchbox/Lesney 60b; Leyland Site Hut Truck Matchbox/Lesney 60c; Lotus Super Seven Matchbox/Lesney 60d; Holden Pick-up  




  60A Morris J2 Pickup

60B Office Site Truck *

60C Lotus Super Seven *

60D Holden Pick-up



Matchbox/Lesney 61a; Ferret Scout Car

Matchbox/Lesney 61b; Alvis Stalwart

Matchbox/Lesney 61c; Blue Shark Matchbox/Lesney 61d; Ford A Series Wrecker (Wreck Truck)

Matchbox/Lesney 61e; Peterbilt Wrecker Truck



  61A Army Scout Car

61B Alvis Stalwart

61C Blue Shark

61D Ford Wreck Truck

61E Peterbilt Wrecker



AEC Army General Service Lorry - 62 Matchbox/Lesney 62b; Commer TV Service Van Matchbox/Lesney 62c; Mercury Cougar Matchbox/Lesney 62d; Mercury Cougar Dragster Matchbox/Lesney 62e; Renault 17TL Matchbox/Lesney 62f; Chevrolet Corvette   62

62A AEC General Service Lorry

62B TV Service Van

62C Mercury Cougar

62D Mercury Rat Rod Dragster

62E Renault 17TL

62F Chevrolet Corvette




Matchbox/Lesney 63a; Ford Service Ambulance

Matchbox/Lesney 63b; Foamite Airport Fire Crash Tender

Matchbox/Lesney 63c; Dodge Crane Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 63d; Freeway Gas Tanker Still Looking Matchbox/Lesney 63e; 4x4 Open Back Pick-Up Matchbox/Lesney 69f; Merryweather Snorkel Fire Engine


  63A Ford 3 Ton 4x4 Service Ambulance

63B Airport

Fire Crash Tender

63C Dodge Crane Truck

63D Freeway Gas Tanker

63DX Freeway Gas Trailer

63E 4x4 Open back truck

63F SNORKEL Fire Engine



Matchbox/Lesney 64a; Scammell Breakdown Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 64b; MG 1100

Matchbox/Lesney 64c; Slingshot Dragster

Matchbox/Lesney 64d; Fire Chief Car

Matchbox/Lesney 64e; Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer



  64A Scammell Army Breakdown Truck

64B MG 1100 *

64C Slingshot Dragster

64D Fire Chief Car

64E Caterpillar D9



Matchbox/Lesney 65a; Jaguar 3.4 Litre Saloon

Matchbox/Lesney 65b; Jaguar 3.8 Litre Saloon

Matchbox/Lesney 65c; Claas Combine Harvester

Matchbox/Lesney 65d; Saab Sonnet III

Matchbox/Lesney 65e; Airport Coach    


  65A Jaguar 3.4

65B Jaguar 3.8

65C Claas Combine Harvester *

65D Saab Sonnet III

65E Airport Coach

65F Kenworth Bandag Bandit



Matchbox/Lesney 66a; CitroŽn DS19

Matchbox/Lesney 66b; Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Sidecar

Matchbox/Lesney 66c; Greyhound Bus

Matchbox/Lesney 66d; Mazda RX500

Matchbox/Lesney 66e; Ford Transit Pick-Up

Matchbox/Lesney MB-66; Tyrone Malone  


  66A Citroen DS19

66B Harley Davidson Motorcycle & Sidecar

66C Greyhound Bus

66D Mazda RX500

66E Ford Transit Pickup

66F Tyrone Malone



Matchbox/Lesney 67a; Saladin Armoured Car

Matchbox/Lesney 67b; Volkswagen 1600TL

Matchbox/Lesney 67c; Ford Capri Hot Rocker

Matchbox/Lesney 67d; Datsun 260Z 2+2




  67A Saladin Armoured Car 6x6

67B Volkswagen 1600TL

67C Ford Capri Hot Rocker

67D Datsun 260Z

68 Matchbox/Lesney 68a; Austin Army Wireless Truck Matchbox/Lesney 68b; Mercedes-Benz Coach Matchbox/Lesney 68c; Porsche 910 Matchbox/Lesney 68d; Cosmobile Matchbox/Lesney MB-68; 4x4 Chevy Van     68


68A Austin Army Wireless Truck

68B Mercedes Coach

68C Porsche 910

68D Cosmobile

68E Chevy Van




Matchbox/Lesney 69a; Commer 30cwt Van

Matchbox/Lesney 69b; Hatra Tractor Shovel

Matchbox/Lesney 69c; Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Coupe

Matchbox/Lesney 69d; Turbo Fury Matchbox/Lesney 69e; Security Truck Matchbox/Lesney 69f; Willys 1933 Street Rod  



69A Commer Van

69B Tractor Shovel

69C Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Coupe

69D Turbo Fury

69E Security Truck

69F Willys Street Rod



Matchbox/Lesney 70a; Ford Thames Estate Car

Matchbox/Lesney 70b; Ford Grit Spreading Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 70c; Dodge Dragster

Matchbox/Lesney 70d; Self-Propelled Gun

Matchbox/Lesney 70e; Ferrari 308GTB    


  70A Thames Estate Car

70B Grit Spreading Truck

70C Dodge Dragster

70D Self Propelled Gun

70E Ferrari 308 GTB



Matchbox/Lesney 71a; Austin 200 Gallon Army Water Tank

Matchbox/Lesney 71b; Jeep Gladiator Pickup

Matchbox/Lesney 71c; Ford Heavy Wreck Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 71d; Jumbo Jet

Matchbox/Lesney 71e; Dodge Cattle Truck

Matchbox/Lesney 71ex; Cattle Trailer



  71A Army Water Tanker

71B Jeep Gladiator

71C Ford Heavy Wrecker *

71D Jumbo Jet Chopper

71E Cattle Truck

71EX Cattle Trailer

71F 1962 Chevrolet CORVETTe



Matchbox/Lesney 72a; Fordson Tractor

Matchbox/Lesney 72b; Jeep CJ5

Matchbox/Lesney 72c; SRN6 Hovercraft Matchbox/Lesney 72d; Bomag Road Roller Matchbox/Lesney 72f; Ford Capri - Maxi Taxi Matchbox/Lesney 72e; Dodge Delivery Van  


  72A Fordson Tractor

  72B Jeep

72C SRN6 Hovercraft

72D Bomag Road Roller

72E Ford Capri MAXI TAXI

72F Dodge Commando Delivery 



Matchbox/Lesney 73a; Leyland Hippo RAF 10 Ton Pressure Refueller

Matchbox/Lesney 73b; Ferrari F1

Matchbox/Lesney 73c; Mercury Commuter

Matchbox/Lesney 73d; Weasel

Matchbox 73e; Ford Model A Coupe



  73A RAF Tanker

73B Ferrari F1

73C Mercury Commuter

73D Weasel

73E Ford Model A Coupe

74 Matchbox/Lesney 74a; Mobile Canteen Trailer Matchbox/Lesney 74b; Daimler Bus Matchbox/Lesney 74c; Toe Joe Matchbox/Lesney 74d; Mercury Cougar Villager Matchbox/Lesney 74e; Fiat Mirafiori Abarth    




74A Mobile Canteen

74B Daimler Fleetline Bus

74C Toe Joe

74D Cougar Villager

74E Fiat Abarth



Ford Thunderbird - 75a

Matchbox/Lesney 75b; Ferrari Berlinetta

Matchbox/Lesney 75c; Alfa Romeo Carabo Matchbox/Lesney 75d; Seasprite Helicopter Matchbox/Lesney 75e; Helicopter    


  75a Ford Thunderbird 75b Ferrari Berlinetta

75c Alfa Carabo

75d Seasprite Helicopter

75e Helicopter


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