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This is not a definitive collection like the Great Book of Corgi section, this is a selection from the Dinky range based on Dinkys which have passed through my business. I've divided it into fairly arbitrary chunks shown below. The selections on the pages are not exhaustive, a reference like Ramsay's guide will give you that if you need it, it is merely the random models which have turned up in the collections I have bought for re-sale.

The cars, trucks, etc shown in the pages have all passed through my on-line shop and have all been sold on to other collectors.

February 2021 - All pages updated

Dinky Cars, England Dinky Cars England

Fine British, European & American cars modelled in simple style, no windows, no springs and nothing opened to start with, but there was growing excitement as time went by and more features were added.

Competition Cars Dinky Competition Cars Here you will find the racers, Grand Prix and Formula 1, Rally cars, track racers and speed record cars
Dinky France Dinky Toys France Meccano set up production in France in the 1930s and after the Second World War production was seriously ramped up with a range of cars and trucks represented in the range which was very different from that available in the UK
Commercial Vehicles Dinky Commercial Vehicles Lorries, buses & vans in the same simple style, but the Commer tow truck is a fine thing
Emergency Vehicles Dinky Emergency Vehicles This is where to find all the Police, Fire, Ambulance and road rescue cars, trucks and vans - and the odd motorcycle too
Military Dinky made some iconic military vehicles
Farm & Garden Dinky Toys Farm and Garden The classic range of Dinky tractors, farm vehicles, implements & tools
Matchbox Dinkys Dinky by Matchbox A small range of classic cars and trucks launched in 1988 when Matchbox Toys bought the Dinky brand
TV, Movie, Comic & Character TV, Movies, Comic and Character Dinky had a great track record of producing toys to match what was on Children's TV and what was in our comics
Dinky Toys Aircraft Aircraft Dinky Toys had a long line of planes made from before WW2 right through to the 1970s

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