Models of Yesteryear Y-7/1; 1918 Leyland Van 4-ton

Models of Yesteryear

This is one of those Models of Yesteryear you don't see that often. It is from the early years of the brand being made from 1957 to 1960. It is always brown with a cream or white roof, although the shades of brown vary. There are two super-rare versions to look out for, the first which seemed to be an export model and has the middle row of text about 'by Royal Appointment etc. missing. These are valued at several hundred pounds. Even more rare and valuable are the last releases with black plastic wheels, these are valued into four figures.

Box text: "This lorry is based on the famous Leyland RAF Heavy Tender of which some 6,000 were supplied to the Royal Flying Corps which were subsequently to become the Royal Air Force.

After the First World War, Leyland Motors purchased from the Government some 3,000 of these vehicles which were reconditioned for civilian use, and although they were supplied as a 3 ton military vehicle they were rated as a 4 tonner commercial use.

This well liked vehicle was powered by a 4 cylinder engine developing 36-40 horsepower with a 4 speed gearbox having a direct drive on top gear."


Models of Yesteryear Y-7/1; 1918 Leyland Van 4-ton


W&R Jacob & Co Ltd, Metal Wheels


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