1911 Renault AX Two-Seater

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The Renault AX two-seater was the second Matchbox of Yesteryear to be numbered Y-2 and was made from 1963 to 1968. They are always green with red seats. There is no particularly rare versions although nice boxed versions will always get a reasonable price compared to some of the more common MOYs. There are some variations. The steering column & wheel can be cast and painted or plastic, the spare wheel carrier can have three or four prongs, the rear lights and number plate can be cast together or separately and of course the boxes will differ over time.

I used to know someone who owned one of these in 1:1 and it was a fascinating car. At this time there were no conventions about how things were to be laid out and car makers, especially the French, tended to go their own way. The radiator is in front of the windscreen, on the model it is part of the same casting, the engine is sealed in top and bottom with a huge cast iron fan on the back of the engine drawing air into the sealed engine space and on to the radiator.

1911 Renault AX Two-Seater 1911 Renault AX Two-Seater   1911 Renault AX Two-Seater          

Metallic Green, Red Seats, Type D1 Box

Metallic Green, Red Seats, Type D3 Box


Metallic Green, Red Seats, Type F Box


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