1911 Ford Model T

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These are the box notes: "From 1909 until 1927, 15,000,000 Model T Fords were built with no basic engineering changes. These cars were cheap, simple, rugged, agile, durable and somewhat ugly. They could go anywhere except in society! This miniature represents the colourful early ‘Brass Radiator’ model."

The 1911 Ford Model T was the second MOY to have the number Y-1 (Y-1/2). It was produced from 1964 to 1984 and is very commonly found, especially in the version shown here in dark red with a smooth black roof. You will also see it with a red chassis and white or cream bodywork and if you are very lucky all in black. Hoods can be textured or smooth and black or red. It was re-released in 1984 in all black with tan seats as part of the Connoisseur Collection and again in 1996 as a Matchbox Collectibles version.

The most rare version is all black with a black textured roof, this was a USA only release, not the 1984 Connoisseur Collection car or the 1996 Matchbox Collectibles car which are also all black. Textured roofs in general are to be looked out for and with the exception of an early dark red one with a twin brake lever all versions in red that do not have the smooth black roof are worth having

1911 Ford Model T 1911 Ford Model T 1911 Ford Model T 1911 Ford Model T 1911 Ford Model T        

Dark Red, Type D2 Box

Dark Red, Type D3 Box

Dark Red, Type E Box

Dark Red, Type F Box

Dark Red, Type G Box

1911 Ford Model T                

Black, Gold Trim, Matchbox Collectibles


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