1911 Daimler Type A12

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The Models of Yesteryear Daimler was released in 1966 and deleted in 1967 according to Ramsay, but another of my sources describes it as "Probably one of the largest selling models ever made in the Yesteryear range". Also the next Y-13, the Crossley Lorry did not come out until 1975. All of which makes me think there is a misprint in Ramsay and the production run was longer. Throughout its production run the car was yellow initially with black seats, but for most of the time with dark red seats and retaining a black radiator throughout. There was a Connoisseur Collection release in 1984 which was blue over a powder blue chassis.

There are other variations to look out for though, the side of the spare wheel well in the running board can be open or closed, the steering wheel can have four or five spokes, the five spoke wheel having a set of foot pedals as part of the moulding and there are a number of variations to the baseplate, the most obvious being either two or three lines of text. Values are not great, the black seats version being slightly better priced than dark red seats.

The casting was revived in 1984 for the Connoisseur Collection and again in 1996 for a Matchbox Collectibles release

1911 Daimler Type A12 1911 Daimler Type A12 1911 Daimler Type A12 1911 Daimler Type A12        

Yellow, Black Chassis, Type E Box

Yellow, Black; Red Seats, Type F Box

Maroon, Gold Trim, Matchbox Collectibles

Code 3; Green, Black; Red Seats


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