1911 B Type London Bus

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This is a tiny little model, 1:100 scale or thereabouts. The only significant variation you will see from its long production run is in the row of small windows at the top of the lower deck side windows. There will be four per side or eight per side, you will also find wheels which are unpainted or painted black. The B-Type bus was also known as Old Bill and did service in the First World War moving troops, so it must have been tough. There is one in the Imperial War Museum.

The 1911 B-Type London bus was first released in 1956 and remained in the range until 1961, a good long run. The variant with the four small windows is slightly harder to find than the eight window version and will consequently cost you a little more.

1911 B Type London Bus 1911 B Type London Bus        

Red, 8 Small Windows, Unpainted Wheels, Type B Box

Red, 8 Small Windows, Black Wheels, Type C Box


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