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Forums: Great places to go on the net to talk about your die-cast collection
Gary's Die-Cast Drive-In

This is the nicest, friendliest die-cast forum on the net, meet people from around the world who are passionate about their hobby and some spectacularly skilled restorers and code 3 makers. All in all though this is a very good place to spend your time and get to know fellow enthusiasts. Newbies and experts equally welcome.

Vintage British made diecast toy collectors forum

Mostly Matchbox on this forum, but genuine domain specialism & expertise. These guys truly know their stuff.

3 Inch Forum

Dutch language diecast model collectors' forum specialising in smaller scale models

Resources: Websites with really useful and expert information about your Die-Casts, without these excellent sites as sources I could not have made my website

As ever Nigel's excellent website has a very extensive range of pictures and information about die-casts from most major makers, hundreds of his pictures come from my collection I am very proud to say. I am delighted to link to Nigel's site from virtually every page on A fellow enthusiast with an even bigger photographic project than mine, well worth a look

Matchbox Forum

Matchbox Forum is a not-for-profit organization of Matchbox collectors world-wide. The main goal of the Club is to promote Matchbox models by exchanging information, trading models and creating camaraderie. This Club is internet friendly and by using the electronic highway it will be possible to interact with Matchbox collectors world-wide.


UK Matchbox Superfast 1-75 Miniatures from 1969 to date. The aim of this site is to provide a point of resource and information for the Superfast range of Matchbox miniatures from 1969 to date that have been released in the UK. Well laid out site and well worth a look.

Nick Jones Moko Lesney Matchbox Toy collection

For a complete and detailed survey of Lesney models of the pre-Superfast era the following website is invaluable, now being updated with the Superfast models too. The level of careful research and attention to detail is second to none.

Christian Falkensteiner's Matchbox Lesney Superfast Pictures

For Lesney Superfast models Christian Falkensteiner has an excellent pictorial reference which is fantastic for identifying Superfast models.

For post Lesney Matchbox models is a great place to go to identify specifically what you have, it is also fun to find that you have a model not listed there which you can upload and add to the database, a small number of the pictures on this site are from my collection.

Matchbox Memories

Models of Yesteryear, particularly the boxes they came in, are very well covered by Mike Flack on his Matchbox Memories site and I have used his site for much of my research into MOY, Mike really, knows his stuff.

King Size Models

This is part of the excellent BAMCA website, BAMCA being the 'Bay AreaMatchbox Collectors Association' It is a very useful list of all the larger scale Matchbox models with pictures - so important for identifying what you have

Corgi Juniors & Husky Models

Quote: "This site is designed to be a companion to the book " Corgi Juniors & Husky models (Second Edition) " by Bill Manzke , ISBN 0-7643-1951-5 , published by Schiffer, and so uses the same reference numbers."

 I also used Bill's book to put together my Corgi Small Scale pages, I cannot recommend this book enough. The site is purely pictorial with no labels.

Matchbox 75 Series

German language website about the Matchbox regular wheels models in the 1-75 series, however language, or lack of it, is not a barrier to using this nice resource. The layout is simple and intuitive with high quality pictures.

Lone Star Gallery

This is a really comprehensive site about Lone Stars written by a lady called 'Akiko H' or 'Tomika', she is Japanese and has put together a really good site about the brand mostly in English.

South Texas Diecast Collectors

The definitive on-line resource for Hot Wheels models, right from the earliest days through to latest releases, all the variations and valuations too where appropriate. Hot Wheels cars are currently out of the scope of this website  - but it will be part of Little Wheels, my sister site, once it is developed and they will be added here when time allows.

Specialist & Personal Sites These are sites where the writer is an expert in their area and/or want to show off their collection
Model Police Cars

Brent Saunders has more than 35 years' service as a Police Officer with the New Zealand Police, this website showcases his huge collection of Police vehicles from around the World

Die-Cast Beetles

What it says in the title - Michal is making his own website (in Polish) all about die-cast models of Type 1 Volkswagens

Peter Parker -Dinky Collection

Peter is a Dutch collector of Dinky toys and has created his website to show off his collection, well worth a look

Model Rally Sport

George from Carlisle in Cumbria has put the experience of a lifetime spent in motor sport and his passion for rallying into building some beautifully detailed models of rally support vehicles and dioramas in which to set them. Take a look, they are amazing

Essex Models & Miniatures

A serious collector of die-casts who takes a real interest in the miniatures and the full-size cars upon which they are modelled, this is a real coffee break website with lots of really good content & interesting articles

The Dinky Collector

This website is, like mine, a personal collection of die-casts. The Dinky Collector specialises in Dinky with some Corgi, matchbox & other makes. There's some good and useful information here to on restoration projects

A Summary of Corgi Batmobile Variations

A hand-held walk through the confusing mass of different variations on the 257 Batmobile

All Batman

All you need to know to restore your Corgi 267 Batmobile

Carl's Cars

A collector who shares my views that toy cars are toys for playing with, not models for keeping in a glass case. Interesting linkages too between the toy and the real car

Lone Star

Another Lone Star site with some history - this time a UK site - It is the web-site made by Mr. Geoff Ambridge who is the son of the co-founder of Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd., (D.C.M.T.) Lone Star's parent company

Diecast Fire

An interesting website showing a themed collection of die-cast models all connected with fire fighting

Public Safety Diecast

Quote "Collectors' Guide for 1/64 Scale Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Corgi Juniors & Majorette Police, Fire & Ambulance Emergency Vehicles" - that's it really, a well laid out and very informative site

Commercial Sites Useful websites for those times we need to spend some cash on our collection
Little Wheels Museum

My trading website, almost all my die-casts are available to buy in a fun to use searchable website with more than 80,000 pictures of 6,000 diecasts.

AuToos International

AuToos International is based in Breda, the Netherlands on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Our shop in mainly Internet Selling, however everybody is welcome to come and have a look at our large collection of Matchbox and Hongwell Products. Give us a call a couple of days in advance and we are more than happy to welcome you.

ModelCarsShop brings you a value for money, diecast vehicle selection for the hobbyist and collector of historical models of fixed scale and detail.

Steve Flowers Model Supplies

This company has a very good reputation for supplying spare parts, their prices are OK too in comparison with some others, not the quickest at fulfilling orders, but stick with them as it always turns up in the end.

A Dutch supplier of spares for Corgi, Dinky & Spot-On etc

Collectors Club of Great Britain

Listing of toy fairs around the country


Let's not forget eBay - it remains the place where the best selection of die-casts can be sourced - so long as you take care and buy with a lot of circumspection

More sites I like No theme here - just websites related to cars & die-casts that are worth a look
Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre

Gaydon Motor Museum near Banbury in Oxfordshire. For anyone who admires the older British cars in my  collection it is a brilliant day out: The museum used to belong to Rover and contains a sound history of the Marques which became Rover Cars. It is packed with Minis, prototype MGs , old Triumphs, Standards & Rovers. In recent years BMW owned it but now it belongs to Ford and they are starting to add a few cars.


I add this link as Wikipedia is the best resource I've found for information on the 1:1 cars our die-casts are modelled upon, a good amount of the information about all the cars I mention on this site comes from Wikipedia - backed up of course by my own observations






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