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The Corgi Cubs range was produced in 1977 in a bid to enter the pure toy market. It was withdrawn shortly afterwards. They were designed to be quick, easy & cheap to produce so that Corgi could enter the nursery toy market to broaden the scope of their operations and take some advantages of scaling up production at low cost. The range was not that successful.

Nowadays it is not that easy to find any definitive list of what was produced. They have not been very heavily collected and van Cleemput did not seem to want to put too much about them in his book, perhaps and understandably he was not that keen on them. The list he gives in the Great Book of Corgi is certainly not complete as I've found models not listed in there.

For example the nearest description we get of this Cub in the Great Book of Corgi is 'Lorry', in my researches I've managed to trace the R509 Lorry and this is not it. The cab is the same - but it has an open back. I suspect there is another number in the sequence associated with the Shell Tanker which is not mentioned in the book, but for now it can reside here.


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