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Austin A40 Van - 472


The van version of those 'County Class' saloons, Somersets & Devons etc. It was superseded by the A55 Cambridge based van, which was similar to it in many ways and continued in production until the early seventies. My Dad had one of these on the farm. It was grey, reg no LWW273 and he had fitted side windows and a rear seat making a sort of estate car. Except that most estate cars don't get the back seat taken out on market day so that the fat lambs can be taken to the auction. In the days before he could afford a car this van was both family car and livestock transport. It gave family trips out in the car a unique aroma, the smell was always still there going to chapel on Sunday morning. In about 1960 the van disappeared and a Morris Oxford replaced it with a trailer put on the back for market day.

I'm disappointed with these pictures. This green does not photograph well. Looking around on the internet I cannot find any good pictures of this item, it's even a bit dull in The Great Book of Dinky. The decals are nearly gone and the rusty base-plate has sunk a bit, but those gripes aside it is a nice little model, it looks much better in reality than the pictures.


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