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Aston Martin DB6 - 153


Dinky made a valiant effort to separate the Aston Martin from James Bond. You could have the DB5 as a convertible or the DB6 with a grand touring body and not a retractable machine gun or an ejector seat in sight. This a serious attempt to represent a splendid British car.

It does show some weaknesses in the Dinky though. The door sills are too deep, the grille is too small. They were able to get the features in and to model the car very nicely, but frequently failed on the detail. The dashboard in this is typical. It is not sculpted at all, just a flat bulkhead with a decal.

Its a shame this one is so worn, but it is complete and overall an excellent model of the car the Prince of Wales has chosen to drive since his early twenties, was he given it as 21st birthday present? I think I got a stereo.



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