page last edited: 28 December 2017

Austin A105 Westminster - 176


A grand big old Austin saloon from the 50's. A ton and a half of car with 102bhp to speed it along. Never mind you probably had plenty of time to appreciate the nice big leather seats as you watched the world serenely roll by.

Not sure why I bought this one; its not high camp US or finely modelled British 60s iron - I guess I just like it. I do have fond memories of A55 vans which everyone seemed to have and this is very similar at the front if a bit bigger and fancier. This is a later release having spun hubs, it is also a landmark model being the first Dinky with windows.

Added 27th Sept 2008: Purchased today at the Windsor Toy Fair, a different colourway. This is the original with spun hubs and no windows. I think the change was made in 1959.

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