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Cadillac Eldorado open tourer  - 131


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What a fabulous, sexy, swanky car. The 1953 model Cadillac Eldorado - 'The Golden One', here shown in the pink/peach colourway, it also came in yellow or cream. Have you ever seen anything quite so camp? A car that is almost a caricature of itself. Dinky made the car from 1956 to 1961. Apart from the three colour variations you will also see later releases with spun hubs rather than the earlier painted metal. In terms of value, they are all sought after and consequently highly valued. Cream with beige painted hubs is the best one followed by spun hubs in any colour. Pink and yellow painted hubs cars seem to be of a similar, slightly lower value.

I think Dinky modelled this from the publicity material rather than from the car as when you look at photos of the real car they are nowhere near as elongated as this, yet they are drawn in the brochures more in the proportion of the model.

No matter, mine is a little worn & dirty but it still has driver & windscreen. It also has some Corgi accessory stickers which I always like to see. They say to me that not only was this toy played with it was loved and cherished enough to be given some precious number plates - at 5 bob a pack they were as much as a car so had to be used very sparingly.


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