Land Rover, Lions den, 3 x lions, 3x lumps of meat, Hunter figure,        

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This set consisted of a modified 438 Land-Rover 109" Pickup with a hatch in the roof for a hunter/keeper figure to stand up in, painted in black & white zebra stripes with a Lions of Longleat sticker on the bonnet. Also in the set were a lions den with three lions each of which had its own lump of meat.

For those readers outside the UK who may not know what 'Lions of Longleat' means it refers to a safari park in the grounds of an English stately home. It was the very first of its kind when it was opened in 1966. The grounds of the house were filled with exotic animals from Africa, lions, zebra, giraffes etc, and the public could pay to drive their cars through with the animals wandering around loose around them and have the pleasure of watching monkeys rip the wipers off their cars.

It was in the Corgi catalogue from 1968 to 1974 with the Land-Rover being converted to Whizzwheels during the run. Cast wheels sets get better prices than Whizzwheels sets.

i'm missing all the livestock, the food and shelter and even the hunter's gun, however it is rare to find the roof-hatch still there on the Land Rover. it looks as if it is supposed to close over when he is removed, it is not and will break if this is tried.


Made in Great Britain . Playcraft Toys Ltd. London

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