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Low-loader & Digger

Gift Set - GS27


page last updated: 21 October 2011

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The Digger as a stand-alone item stayed in the range for 13 years and you can see why. It was a splendid piece of miniature engineering. Not only is it an accurate model of a Priestman digger, it has been well thought out and beautifully made. The knob on the side takes the digger through a continuous, circular cycle of a digging action, emptying the bucket at the end of each pass. It must be one of Corgi's best engineered items, better even then the Simon Snorkel fire engine.

The set was released in 1963 and stayed in production until 1971 with no listed variations, however the shovel did go through a number of changes so they will be variations as they fed through.

  The models which made up the Low-loader & Digger Gift Set - 1087 were:
  • 1131 Bedford Machinery carrier
  • 1128 Priestman cub shovel

This is a late example shovel. The winding knob is a newer casting, you will also see this knob on the very late issue Land Rover wrecker. The attachment of the swivelling body to the tracked base is different too. On this one there is a screw and washer with a car tyre under the washer - the earlier ones had a metal spring circlip type arrangement. If you follow the link at the bottom of the page to diecast.plus.com you will find pictures of a fine, early example showing this detail. The early ones also have a lock to stop the cab swivelling which is left off the later issues.

The low-loader is in nice nick too, funny how it's a 'Low Loader' in this set and individually it's a 'Machinery Carrier'. The Low Loader is the one with sides and a let-down ramp at the back.



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